NOCCO commercial
This is a from an assignment we did in school where we were tasked with creating some motion graphic in an advertisement for a company of our own choosing. 
Since I pretty much run on NOCCO(because I still haven't learned to drink coffee) it was an easy decision, I even had a can of NOCCO right next to me when we got the assignment!
I thought it was fun to just dive into after effects and start playing around with some ideas to see what would stick and it resulted in this short video.
When I ran out of time to work more on the idea I had, I proceeded to motion track the video on to a mockup video which can also be seen below, to see what it could look like out on the town.
I did two 2 versions of the video, one more focused on using several different colors, and one more focused on using just a black background. just to see how it felt, in case you would want to run a more muted, not so eye-catching version at some locations.
Mockup version

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