Here are a couple of examples of other school assignments and various projects.
Work in progress on the classic Donut in Blender. This is my first dive into 3D modelling using Blender.    It has been a lot of fun to try out and play around in, I am looking forward to keep exploring this software because 3D was actually more fun than I thought it would be!
A quick animation made in After Effects, it was basically the first thing we tried out in the animation course. In hindsight I can tell that the spooky track in the background was way too low and barely noticeable. But you live and you learn! :)
bite the bullet
An assignment where we created a bottle design for 2  flavours and a logo for a fictional hot sauce company called Bite the Bullet.
The campaign surrounding the product I made hade emphasis on a slogan. 
"Be the Brave - Bite the Bullet". Which all was connected to the logo and its BTB acronym.
A quick unfinished T-shirt design where the idea was to be able to print a lot of different   T-shirts by forming many different words by choosing combinations of elements from the periodic table.
And a design of a cereal package that was supposed to represent ourselves in some way. And since I resonate with pandas as my spirit animal I chose to feature a panda I made on the package!
An example of a website I made during our course on html and css. It is still quite basic since the point of the assignment was to learn and understand the basics of coding html/css.

 We were supposed to come up with design for an airplane. So I came up with the concept of SAS running a sustainable flying campaign to promote some new innovation they had made to make flying a lot less impacting on the climate.
But I ran out of time to fully illustrate it but the thought was covering the planes in paperplanes and also showing the countries the campaign was affecting and how much less of an impact it would have on the climate to fly between these countries by choosing to fly with SAS. The paperplanes idea was to really symbolize that it was a better choice for our planet!

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